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If you are new to Canada and are looking to establish your next mortgage, please call (519) 355-1434, or apply for your mortgage online.

Newcomers to Canada play a very important role in the future population growth in Canada. We have teamed up with lenders who offer mortgage insured financing to borrowers who have permanent and non-permanent residence status, giving newcomers to Canada the ability to reach their dream of home ownership in Chatham-Kent.

New to Canada program

You may be eligible for the “New to Canada program” available to borrowers who have minimal Canadian credit history. We have sourced lenders who are able to consider alternative sources of credit history in order to see whether you can qualify for mortgage insured financing.

Non permanent residents

If you are a non-permanent resident, you are also able to access financing of up to 90% of the value of a 1 unit, owner occupied residential property. We have a variety of lenders with policies in place that work for clients who have immigrated to Canada in the past three years and who desire a mortgage.

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