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Let us help you with your mortgage needs, call (519) 355-1434, or apply for your mortgage online.

We can access a large variety of mortgage products

A bank offers only the mortgage products they carry, while we can choose from hundreds of mortgage options coming from over 50 lending institutions across Canada.

We are with you throughout the mortgage process

Our team of experienced mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping you on your path to homeownership in Chatham while ensuring you save thousands in the end.

We are proud to be one of the top mortgage brokers in Canada

Chatham-Kent Mortgage Office is experienced in assisting individuals and businesses in Chatham-Kent, securing mortgages and refinancing existing loans. Our team are experts in finding the right mortgage to fit your needs.

You don’t pay for our services

We get paid by the lender based on the mortgage business we send them, not on the interest rate, and we don’t see any money until your mortgage is complete. We give you peace of mind in knowing that we are there to work for you to secure the best mortgage available.

Discuss your needs with the Chatham-Kent Mortgage Office

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